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Anna partners with a school psychologist to evaluate students in academic, cognitive, and social/emotional areas and diagnose learning disabilities or mental health issues through an academic lens. Diagnoses often result in the recommendation of an IEP or 504 plan and provide students with accommodations in academic settings

Anna's 20 years of experience in K-8 education and specifically special education have provided her with the passion, resources, and expertise to assist families with advocacy and guidance on best practices for individual student needs.

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Anna Layden has been an educator in Durango, CO since 2005. During this time, she has taught Montessori Elementary School, Project-Based Middle School, and High School students. She has worked with students as a classroom teacher, a special education teacher, a social worker, and an academic diagnostician. In addition, she has worked with countless families in the community as an educational advocate and ally. She has been providing psychoeducational evaluations in the Four Corners area to students aged six through twenty-four since 2020.​


As an educator invested in equality, Anna partners with community organizations and families to provide need-based scholarships.


 Anna Layden is licensed in Elementary Education, 7-12 English Language Arts, and Special Education by the Colorado Department of Education #354584 (Expires: 11/10/2030). She has worked in the field for 20 years. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from Colorado State University (2003) and a Master’s of Science in Educational Leadership from Walden University (2019).

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